An image of Wolves at Work staff.

Simran had been struggling to find a job in an office setting since graduating university. She attended one of Wolves At Work 18-24 drop-in sessions and whilst she was there got a job interview for the following Thursday. On the Friday Simran went into employment.

I have never felt so comfortable and confident going into an interview and with Wolves At Work 18-24 support I have managed to kickstart my career.

Prior to Simone joining Black Country Impact she had limited options and not much support. She felt that her lack of confidence and fear of rejection was holding her back. With the support of BCI she is now undertaking a Performing Arts Coach kickstart employment opportunity with GAP Entertainment.

I would advise anyone considering joining Black Country Impact to go for it, don’t hold back, and trust the process.

Before contacting Wolves At Work Lewis was unemployed since 2017 in that time applying to many jobs but getting no response back.​ With the support of Wolves At Work he now has completed digger training and now works for The City of Wolverhampton Council, on a permanent contract working as a recycling operative on a 16-hour contract. He aspires to become a supervisor.

I would recommend this support to other people.

We popped into WM Active this evening and as you said your staff are amazingly welcoming. Huw did a sterling job, totally in tune with my daughter and kept going when others would have foundered, I can tell you he made an impact.

Thanks to your team I now have a starting discussion to build and fall on which I hope will produce a list of preferences for Huw.

Before contacting Black Country Impact Beth found it hard balancing studying with family and struggled with her finances. After speaking to BCI Beth went on to a course at a business school to study finance, in the future she hopes to start her own business.

Wish I’d known about it (Black Country Impact) a year ago, If you want to do it go for it, if you want it, you can achieve it.

Moeshie used to do care work which she did not enjoy so contacted Wolves At Work 18-24 who got her in touch with Empowering U which she now works for.

Anyone looking for work I really recommend Wolves At Work 18-24 , as you can be confident in knowing that someone is looking out for you to help you.

Before talking to Wolves At Work 18-24 Danielle was out of work for a couple of years and applied for several jobs but got no reply or feedback. She attended a drop in event and spoke to Solomon who got her an interview with The City of Wolverhampton Council the next day. The day after her interview Danielle found out she got the job working in customer services.

I had been told I had got the position; I was really so happy when I found out and pleased that I was going to be given a chance.

RG Boxing Club has made me feel at my best with all the motivation being around the right people and environment.

My journey with Rich as helped me build confidence what I need to help me get back into work. Since doing the city funds programme with RG Boxing I have now started doing part time work at the gym and looking at becoming a personal trainer.

I had been actively looking for employment since September 2022, after recently finishing university and graduating.

I was put through to the Wolves at Work 18-24 team, as I had not yet had any luck with a job and had not taken an interest in a particular position or found a role that was suited to me. I met the Wolves at Work team members at The Way, and almost instantly was helped out and guided by Sulman.