Annual Leave

Annual Leave/Flexi

Annual Leave

The Council is committed to assisting employees maintain a work-life balance. In addition to the various work life balance and family friendly schemes in place to support you with your commitments outside of work, you can also look forward to a generous annual leave entitlement which increases with length of *service as follows:

New entitlement (effective from 1 April 2023)

Less 5 years 26 days
Five but less than 10 years 31 days
10 but less than 25 years 33 days
25 or more years 35 days

You also benefit from 8 days bank holiday entitlement which means as a new entrant with no previous service you receive 34 days leave in total. Furthermore, you have the option to purchase up to 10 extra days annual leave each year and may also be eligible for an additional 6 days leave each year as flexi leave.

*The council will include service with any authority to which the Redundancy Payments (Continuity of Employment in Local Government, etc.) (Modification) Orders apply.  See a list of all organisations.

Flexi Leave

Dependent upon the role you apply for, you may also be eligible to access the Council's Flexi-Time and Flexi-Leave Scheme.

The flexi-time scheme allows you to have flexibility over your working hours and work life balance. Any additional hours worked can be taken as flexi-leave. This scheme allows you to book an additional 6 days a year as flexi-leave in addition to your annual leave entitlement.


In addition to Flexi Leave you may also be eligible for time off in lieu (TOIL). This allows you to take ad-hoc time off work for hours worked by agreement that are in excess of the standard weekly 37 hours for those employed on NJC terms and conditions.


For further information on any of our leave schemes please refer to the Leave Policy and Leave Table