Rainbow Staff Equality Forum

Rainbow Staff Equality Forum

The Rainbow Staff Equality Forum (Rainbow SEF) aims to promote, develop and improve the experience and interests of LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Non-Binary or those that fall under the umbrella of LGBT+) within City of Wolverhampton Council and the wider Wolverhampton Area. The forum is open for anyone to join whether you are LGBT+ or a Straight Ally. Our Strategic Executive Sponsor is Ian Fegan (Director of Communications and External Relations)

We hope that by having a strong presence and visible role models from within the LGBT+ community we can demonstrate that we are a safe and diverse working place, who take care of all our staff and will not tolerate discrimination. We are proud to be an Ally of Wolverhampton LGBT+ and also to be Stonewall Diversity Champion.

“Here at CWC we have a Rainbow Staff Equality forum, for those staff members who identify as LGBT+ or are allies of the community. This is a safe environment where we can raise issues, suggest ideas and celebrate key events and dates. The members are all fully supported and engaged. All are welcome and all we ask is that everyone treats each other with dignity and respect.”

Throughout the year we celebrate all aspects of the LGBT+ Community including LGBT+ History Month, Pride Month, Lesbian Day of Visibility, Pronouns Day, Non-Binary and Trans Day of Visibility to name a few. The Rainbow SEF is a fun, informative and education as we learn from each other and our lived experiences; we call ourselves the Rainbow Family. As a family; we may disagree but we are always respectful and supportive of each other.

For more information please contact:
Kieran Simpson – Senior EDI Advisor
Email - EDI@wolverhampton.gov.uk